Ep. 24 - Hidden Miracles: The Unseen Impact of Faith | Guests: Eduardo & Aida Norell

Join us on "Greatness From Small Beginnings" as we explore the powerful story of Eduardo and Aida Norell, whose journey from the streets of Cuba to the heart of America is nothing short of miraculous. In this episode, hosted by Keith L. Callaway, you’ll hear a tale of love, faith, and perseverance that challenges the very definition of greatness.

Discover how their profound faith and humble beginnings have crafted a life of deep impact and purpose. Tune in to uncover the strength behind the struggles and the victories that often go unseen.

Key Points Discussed:

  • Eduardo and Aida's initial life and challenges in Cuba.
  • The role of faith in Eduardo's transformative life decisions.
  • Aida's transition from a medical professional in Cuba to working in a U.S. jail.
  • The broader implications of their life choices on family and legacy.
  • Insights into humility, service, and the true meaning of greatness.

Mentioned Resources:

  • The Bible (specifically the Book of John)
  • References to influential Christian teachings and personal anecdotes that have shaped their lives.