Ep. 30 - Fatherhood, Health, and Mindset: Building a Lasting Legacy


  • Welcome and thank you for tuning in to the Greatness from Small Beginnings podcast.
  • Introduction of the theme: The importance of mindset in achieving greatness.
  • Mention of Father's Day and Men's Health Month.

Key Points:

  1. The 1% Difference:
    • Reference to a coach's book about the 1% difference between people.
    • Emphasis on the potential to be great within everyone.
  2. Intentional Thinking and Mindset:
    • Explanation of the catchphrase: "The best way to total health is intentional thinking."
    • Importance of positive self-talk and mindset in achieving greatness.
    • Examples from top tennis players and Kobe Bryant's work ethic.
  3. Personal Reflections:
    • Keith shares personal anecdotes about fatherhood and grandfatherhood.
    • Discussion on the importance of mental and physical health for men.
  4. Legacy and Long-Term Thinking:
    • The importance of thinking about and planning for one's legacy.
    • Challenges younger listeners to start considering their legacy early on.
  5. Retirement and Continued Contribution:
    • Critique of the traditional concept of retirement.
    • Encouragement to continue contributing and building legacy in later years.
  6. Call to Action:
    • Encouragement to embrace a mindset of continuous improvement.
    • Importance of health (physical, mental, and spiritual) in achieving one's potential.

Resources Mentioned:

  • References to studies and books on mindset and greatness.
  • Mention of previous podcast episodes related to fatherhood and men's health.


  • Summary of key takeaways.
  • Encouragement to apply the discussed principles in daily life.
  • Call to action to think deeply about one's legacy and make intentional efforts towards health and greatness.